The only thing worse than going into a job you don’t love every day is epically failing at that job.

But that’s not gonna stop these people from telling the whole world about it after a prompt from account @b3ta asking for “work felated f*ck-ups.”

Let’s see what the damage is, Twitter.

15. The grand rejection

Sounds like you really unmade their day. And yours too!

14. A single piece of paperwork

The justice system strikes again.

13. Seeing red

When you’re here, you’re family.

12. In the meme time

It’s downright weird that this is a real job description.

11. Going down

Oh yeah. I knew that. Totally. I’m just um. Gonna disappear now.

10. Watch your accounts

Where’s the lie though.

9. The broadside of a barn

Be careful what you do in anger, it may follow you forever.

8. He’s a fake!

Was this kid under the impression before that giant singing rats were real?

7. You had to be there

Misuse of the various email reply options fill me with dread on a daily basis.

6. A graceful exit

Well, what would there be to mention about it?

5. First impressions

Kinda surprised they didn’t call the cops to investigate or something.

4. That’s heavy

The sort of thing you’re not easily gonna forget.

3. A sinking feeling

Wait there was a Kardashian mobile game?

2. Slow things down

I’m curious to know what this even means.

1. My condolences

It’s a stale joke anyway, friend.

If you haven’t had a great day at work, try not to worry about it too much. Maybe these examples made you feel better?

What’s a screw up you’ve encountered?

Tell us in the comments.