According to some estimates, a quality IT professional working in my city is going to make, on average, nearly 100k per year.

That’s more than three times the national median income at the time of writing, putting it at quite a nice industry to get into.

And why are they paid so much? Well, mostly because we live in a world where computer systems are now vital to every single facet of society. And partially because they have to put up with a LOT of dumb crap. Like, a LOT.

It’s no wonder so many of them take to Reddit to complain about it.

10. Power to the people

That’s a USB cable plugged into a SATA power port.
Your drive is…not gonna work.

What to say.
byu/ExperienceKnown intechsupportgore

9. Just in case

I’m thinking you might have one or two heat issues there.

The new power supply doesn’t fit in the case? No problem, we’ll glue it on the top
byu/Hipnosis183 intechsupportgore

8. Biggest brother

You get what you pay for, but you also get what you set up.

Quality surveillance
byu/Scouters2020 intechsupportgore

7. Charging in

Come on y’all you had ONE job to do.

Just got a new charger for $50. Opened the box to see this.
by intechsupportgore

6. RAM it in

Building my first PC, this was my worst nightmare.

5. Monitor the situation

For those in the back, that’s an HDMI cable just awkwardly jammed into VGA port.
Cables aren’t magic.

“I figured out why the monitor wasn’t working”
byu/cwat97 intechsupportgore

4. My baby

I’ve got some very bad news about your child.

Customer: “This is my baby! Please take care of it! I don’t want to get it back with a scratch on it!”
byu/bubonis intechsupportgore

3. A quick look

Who in the actual WORLD is still using something like this?
And HOW?

“Could you just take a look? It’s asking for a disk”
byu/myeverymovment intechsupportgore

2. Switch things up

Oh, cool, the stuff of nightmares.

I heard yall like switches, so we plugged some switches into some other switches into some other switches! (This stores main 24 Port switch was down btw)
byu/spazzo246 intechsupportgore

1. Dirty jobs

Nature is healing.

Wonder why the monitor quit working. Invasion of dirt/mud daubers
byu/cocoash7 intechsupportgore

I think I have a much better understanding now of why they make so much money.

What’s the worst electronics encounter you’ve had?

Tell us in the comments.