Living alone. Is it as great as we think it is? It is as terrible as we think it is?

That’s what one Reddit user wanted to get to the bottom of in this thread:

What is it like to live alone?
by inAskReddit

Let’s get some perspectives and find out what all the fuss is about.

Away we go!

1. Alone.

Love the solitude, but hate the loneliness.

There’s a fine line between them.

– Scrappy_Larue

2. Open door policies.

I have never close the bathroom door, which is especially nice when you’re getting out of the shower with no foggy mirrors!
– MarinaPinotLover

3. Tap out.

Nobody ever runs the taps while you’re in the shower.

– Usual-Breadfruit

4. My, myself, and I.

You are forced to discover if you are a good or sh*tty roommate.
– vegetarianrobots

5. Clean up!

nice and peaceful, until you have visitors.

then you have to run the vacuum, tidy the living room, spray the febreeze, hide the dirty dishes, etc.

– filthycasual908

6. Out of it.

It’s like being on vacation.


– thenameofapet

7. The best!

far superior to any other kind of living

– iliketobecalledRain

8. Great at first…

I lived alone for less than a year.

It was great at first, I could do whatever I want whenever I want without anyone judging me.

It was so nice to have my own little private oasis. It did get lonely sometimes though.

I had people over sometimes and it was cool to have company over whenever I want but after a while of living there when my guests left I felt this sometimes overwhelming loneliness.

It got very depressing.

– 420demonkitty

9. How old are you?

It depends a lot on your age.

The older you get, the more it sets in that this might be a lifelong arrangement.

– bprimo1basi

10. A lack of motivation.

Has its ups and downs.

I find myself being a lot lazier being alone. I don’t clean as often because it’s just me. Personally, clutter, laundry, and dishes out doesn’t bother me but it compounds to the point where it does bother me but it’s a mountain at that point. Not efficient

My roommates throughout college worked out and this helped get me to workout. When that went away, I stopped.

I always had positive roommates with good direction and motivation in their life. By myself I tend to become content easily. I’d make it a competition in my own head to strive for their standards and this helped me develop a lot of good habits. They motivated me to do laundry, cook, clean…etc.

Ya it’s nice not having to address someone every time you walk thru the door but it’s very easy to become detached.

I was definitely over living with roommates in college but I miss it now. I always had multiple roommates so just one would’ve been a good balance.

Having a good roommate is better than living alone imo. A bad one is another story…
– Alt_throwaway1020

11. Bad for my head.

For me, it’s bad for my mental health.

Combined with my job, which already left me isolated, I started to feel like I was in prison eventually because weeks could go by without me talking to people.

Multiple factors were at play but that’s the effect it had on me.

– Doubt-Grouchy

12. Silence and autonomy.

I spent the first 47 years of my life living with people, been living on my own the past 6.

At first the silence and autonomy was weird, but now I love it so much I honestly can’t imagine ever living with another human again.

Obviously covid has made it a little trying, but I prefer the occasional pang of loneliness to the never ending compromise, noise and mess of sharing my space.

– kissmequiteinsane

13. No regrets!

Best thing I’ve ever done

– chariss_a

14. Ups and downs.

At first it was f*cking fantastic.

I could pee with the door open, walk around naked, make as much noise as I wanted really without judgement. That was august.

Now te fact I moved into a new city with no friends has hit me and coming home to no one is the loneliest feeling ever.

And on top of that(as a woman in her early 20s) I get kinda scared when I’m out places at night knowing “huh, if I don’t show up at home, there’s no one to be worried”.

Maybe if you aren’t depressed and morbid it’s more fun who knows

– biggo-oof

15. Bright sides!

Living alone by choice at my age is fine.

And when I bore myself, there is always Reddit!

– ProperWayToEataFig

I guess the verdict is: maybe you should do it!

Do you live alone? Have you before? What is/was it like?

Tell us in the comments.