According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the quickest gestation period for any mammal (i.e. how long a typical pregnancy lasts before giving birth) goes to the Virginian opossum, who only goes about 12 days before.

The longest period belong to the Indian elephant, who typically clocks in at about 22 months (for those keeping score at home, that’s nearly two years.)

Humans fall right smack dab in the middle of the spectrum with a tidy 9 month pregnancy in most cases. And while that may seem a short sentence compared to the likes of the elephant, it’s full of enough contortions and bodily surprises to make it feel significantly longer.

But don’t take my word for it – I’m just some dude. Check out what these women had to say.

10. “Some days I hate being pregnant.”

If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

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9.  “That moment when…”

Is it time to go to the hospital or just to clear the room?

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8. “It’s scary to try to push hard.”

I feel like that alone should be on a motivational poster.

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7. “Never have coffee while pregnant.”

All that AND no coffee? This is the worst.

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6. “I have a superpower.”

If you count the ability to create a new human being I’d say you’d got two superpowers.

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5. “I love my baby but…”

What’s going on in there anyway?

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4. “Pumped full of dough.”

So do mine and I don’t even have an excuse.

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3. “It scared the baby and makes her jump.”

Imagine what that would feel like from the inside tho.

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2. “I freaked my husband out.”

Yup, that’s next level pregnancy alright.

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1. “I swear!”

Subsidize TP.

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God bless you, pregnant ladies. I don’t know how you do it.

Have you ever been pregnant? What was it like?

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