If I ever have high school aged kids, I’m going to be hopelessly out of touch with their experience.

Not just because so much time will have passed since I was in high school, but because when I was, I spent most of it in a very small, private, religious place that I have to imagine differed quite a bit from the typical public school.

So, just how far afield am I? How far off are parents? Let’s hear some confessions from real kids about what high school is today.

10. Chain of command

When the letter of the law goes way beyond its intent.

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9. The dress code

There always is one, whether its enforced by the school or just by your peers.

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8. Getting around

“If my dad knew how much sex happened at school he’d die.”

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7. Picking up

Sometimes it’s just plain old bullying.

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6. HIGH school

I mean, that’s probably not all that different from the 70’s and 80’s tbh.

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5. The hate you give

For some people it is a truly miserable experience.

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4. Mean girls

It’s an absolute jungle out there.

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3. So accommodating

I’m not trying to make trouble, I’m just trying to keep up.

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2. Weed ’em out

Decades of ridiculous propaganda have convinced whole generations that it’s far more harmful than it is.

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1. Community

The real world doesn’t have periods.

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Well, that was enlightening. And slightly frightening.

What is/was your high school experience like?

Tell us in the comments.