What are women? Why is woman? Will we ever see any in our lifetime? These are the questions that plague the male brain, and have done so for centuries.

But no more.

Because Reddit is here to clear up some misconceptions.

Women of Reddit, what is a 100% myth about women?
byu/BOBO24PLAYZ inAskReddit

Hit us with the truth, ladies.

1. Communication

That all women are “indirect communicators.”

I’m not saying they can’t be, I’m not even saying the majority don’t fall under this category, but personally, indirect communication goes right over my head. It’s frustrating because I don’t assume people can read my mind, why should I be able to read theirs?

I feel like when people assume I communicate indirectly just because I’m a girl, it leads to them not listening to what I’m saying, instead they try to dissect and analyze what I’m really trying to say.

Also men are just as capable of being passive aggressive, I live with a man and he constantly thinks I’m trying to send subtle messages and I’ve had to sit him down and explain that if I’m upset about something I will tell him.

He on the other hand will slam doors, stomp around the house, give me the silent treatment, say nothing is wrong only to snap at me over something small (I’m making him sound awful but he’s actually a pretty great person lol).

– [user deleted]

2. Persistence

We’re not a Problem to Be Solved.

If you want to date a woman and she is resistant, you will not solve that. No matter how many rom-com movies you watch, where a man spends 90 minutes of your time annoying the woman he is interested in and gets her, this does not happen in real life.

Move on. Find someone who is more likely to reciprocate your affections.

Source: was stalked by someone, which stopped when I told him that if he showed up, I’d push him down the front steps so grow up already.

– VapoursAndSpleen

3. Bathrooms

That the reason we go to the bathroom in groups is to gossip and fix our makeup.

The truth is, it takes time to worship the Dark Lord, and summoning is best performed in groups of 3 or more.

– Lumpy-Spring6794

4. Periods

That all women are hormonal inconsiderate bitches during their period.

Source: I’m a woman that feels totally normal while on my period. I also have many a friends that are like me.

– I_am_dean

5. Stereotypes

That we are either a girly girl, tomboy, gamer girl, or some other stereotype when we can be all of them or none of them. Humans are multifaceted and we all have different experiences.

I grew up with only brothers, am athletic, lift weights, have a BFF who is a professional makeup artist (subsequently I am very good at makeup), can cook, went to fashion school, and am the breadwinner of my family.

You can’t put me in a box.

– GrandEmperorSloth


My fav part of that myth [that we can hold in our periods] is the implication that women are simply being stupid or intentionally difficult by choosing not to hold their periods in until the most opportune time.

As if we have the ability but are going “ehh I could wait until I get home but f**k it, imma change a tampon in a public restroom just for the thrill of it. Really feel like ruining a pair of pants today while I’m at it.”

– Much_Difference

7. Lesbians

That Lesbians “just haven’t had the right d**k yet.”

Sirs, I regret to inform you: there is no magic penis out there that will change our sexuality. I know you love the little fellas and think they’re magical, but for us Lesbians? I swear to you, they are not, nor will they ever be: magic.

In the wise words of Mike Wizowski: “Put that thing back where it came from or so help me.”

– RelentlesslyCrooked

8. Humanity

That we are a myth in general.

No, we are human, we don’t magically make anything better just because we are girls/women/we carry babies and give birth.

Men/women find yourselves first, then acquire a partner (if you want of course) but women are not goddesses, muses, or divine-like creatures. Thanks for thinking that, but we also pee, poop, fart, get sick, we smell, we get messy periods, a lot of us hate cleaning/cooking, other women definitely don’t want kids or even wanna be around them, we can love being muscular and not girly looking and that doesn’t make us less worthy.

And just because we look girly, it doesn’t mean we are weak or stupid.

– pleasekillmerightnow

9. The bedroom

That we never want to make love and why we have to fake headache to stop you : a lots of women don’t even have pleasure with you and with penetration in general.

Try sometime thinking about your partner and please stop guilt trip them.

– anxiouspotat

10. Underwear

We always wear pretty panties and matching bras.

Listen up, men. I have period panties and a 40DD chest. That chest gets protected in usually ugly bras and the period panties you’ll never see.

Also very unlikely that I’ll match.

Shouldn’t matter though because as long as we’re together and it winds up on the floor, we’re good. ?

– Snoo-84119

11. Maternity

That we all have natural mothering instincts. Some women might but I thinks it’s heavily a social construct where girls are taught to play with baby dolls from a young age, then bear the brunt of house work and child raising.

I’m bad with children and feel no motherly instincts toward them at all.

– Hotchipsummer

12. Sexuality

I swear that almost every guy in the world truly believes that all girls have had a lesbian experience or made out with their girlfriends at least once, and they refuse to believe otherwise.

I have never kissed a girl or her p**sy, ever. And I don’t want to.

Why is that so hard to believe, guys?

– SweeTNTasteebaby

13. Manipulation

That all of us are manipulators and great at pretending to be helpless cry babies who need men in order for low quality men to feel superior for changing the light bulb lol

– Mediocre_Situation56

14. Nice guys

That women don’t like “nice guys” and prefer to date “a**holes or criminals”. I’ve literally never met a woman who WANTS to date someone that treats them like s**t.

Side note: Getting into a cycle of abuse with someone who initially treated you well is different.

– elvinapixie

15. Lots of things

Oh, let’s see…

We can never truly be “just friends” with a man.

We’re “too emotional” to make good decisions.

We have a “freshness seal,” and/or our genitals will become permanently “ruined” with each partner or each s** act.

When we do it with other women, it “doesn’t count.”

If we’re not married (or at least engaged) by 25, something is “wrong” with us.

If we don’t have kids by a certain age, or don’t want kids at all, something is “wrong” with us.

We pee out of our vaginas.

Once a month, we become totally incapable of rational thought.

We’re supposed to be passive.

Our orgasms are “useless,” or simply don’t actually exist.

We’re “naturally” better at tasks related to housework and childcare.

We’re nurturers by nature.

Our lives lack meaning and purpose once we lose our mainstream s** appeal (or if we don’t meet current beauty standards in the first place).

When we complain of pain/fatigue/etc., we’re being “overly dramatic,” exaggerating, or making it all up for attention.

Lesbians don’t exist, they just haven’t met the right guy yet.

Bisexual and pansexual women don’t exist, they’re just seeking attention or performing for men.

Trans women don’t exist, they’re just men in dresses.

Menopause isn’t a normal, natural (albeit not always pleasant) part of life, it’s a sickness.

We’re naturally hairless.

All of us want to get married and have kids yesterday.

All of us liked dolls and tea sets growing up.

We like receiving d**k pics out of the blue.

We only date jerks.

None of us will date someone under 5’9″.

We’re all the same.

There’s some kind of “Konami code” that a guy can use to make us instantly fall in love with him. (And it’s all the same for every woman.)

– coffeeblossom

Well, I think we’ve learned a lot today.

What’s a myth people believe about your identity?

Tell us in the comments.