Have you ever heard that “rule” about how you’re supposed to spend three months’ salary or whatever on an engagement ring?

For an increasing number of paycheck-to-paycheck Americans, the idea is absurd on its face. What are we gonna do, nibble on the diamond for the next 12 weeks? Is it gonna pay my rent somehow?

And still the pressure to get a great ring still runs high, both for the person buying it and the person wearing it. Here are just a few anonymous examples of the strange comments women have gotten about their own rings.

10. “A lot of rude comments”

It’s always the folks who were handed everything who look down on those who have to work for it.

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9. “Got a comment”

What a weird backhanded compliment about the back of your hand.

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8. “To church”

And that’s the gospel truth.

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7. “Couldn’t get married”

I know you’ve found someone who brings you joy and with whom you can build a meaningful and fulfilling existence during this one life we all have, but rock on finger too small so call it off.

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6. “I’m too old”

Dang, guess I’ll call up my fiance and break the news.

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5. “K, thanks”

What were you, tracking that?

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4. “A thumbs up”

If that was his reaction to news of the engagement, that’s super weird.

If it was his reaction to the ring, give him a break, it’s rare that a straight dude would have a strong opinion about a ring.

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3. “Why is it so small?”

“I dunno, why’s yo mama so BIG?”

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2. “Didn’t seem too excited”

What do you want me to do, dance around?

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1. “So much crap”

Personally I think the colored stones are cooler.

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Don’t be petty. Don’t be weird. Be happy for people who’ve found happiness, huh?

Have you ever had an experience like this?

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