I can’t imagine how difficult it is to be a single parent in this world, especially if you don’t already have, like, a buttload of money stashed away so you can hire a bunch of help.

On top of that, many LGBTQ+ people in this world still face a lot of stigma and difficulty on that front. So try and put yourself in the shoes of someone standing at the crossroads of both identities.

Here are ten anonymous confessions from lesbian women who have found themselves in the position of being single moms.

10. Don’t care

Well, that’s a good start. You do you.

Source: Whisper

9. Seriously?

That’s a pretty childish understanding of how things work, people.

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8. It’s complicated

Being in an environment in which you’re not comfortable being yourself is very trying.

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7. Come on out

Enter the dating world, it’s totally fine.

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6. I made it happen

Good for you!

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5. Are you out there?

*Cue that heartbreaking song from Fievel Goes West.*

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4. No idea

But the truth will find its way out eventually.

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3. Hard enough

Did you check underneath the couch or like behind the fridge?

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2. Cheater, cheater

Oh. Well. That’s um…complicated?

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1. Ah heck no

I’ll bet ya don’t though.

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To all the single parents out there of all stripes – we salute you. You’re doing some really tough work, that will hopefully prove quite rewarding in the long run.

Have you had experiences with this type of dynamic?

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