Have you ever heard of a “trust fund baby” before?

Basically, some people are born into money. No surprise there, but these scenarios work out a little differently than those that, say, just inherit a bunch of cash once someone dies.

Trust funds are usually set up for a young person to use throughout a good chunk of their lives to get pretty much whatever they need paid for. Sounds pretty sweet, right? But what does it do to a person, and how does it affect the way they relate to others?

Here are a few women spilling the tea on their experience with trust fund boyfriends.

10. Hiding in plain sight

Maybe he was afraid that women would only like him for his money.

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9. All work and no play

It’s pretty easy to be a great student when  you have literally nothing else to worry about.

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8. Uncomfortable

Now why would that be, exactly?

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7. The future millionaire

It’s gotta give ya a lot of mixed feelings.

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6. Ambitions are low

Well that’s quite a domino effect there.

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5. On the level

That sounds gross.

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4. Don’t know what it means

To never know a side hustle.

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3. Coming from money

Will it ever even come to fruition?

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2. Ways and means

Pretty easy to find yourself living above your means when you have nothing.

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1. Foolish games

If you’re staying for money, neither of you is gonna be happy for long.

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Sounds like there’s not a whole lot of trust that comes along with a trust fund.

Have you had a dating experience like this?

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