Everybody loves a little me-time. I’m planning on enjoying some myself a little later tonight. Pour a drink, watch some TV, pet dog, repeat until sleepy. Simple stuff.

But everyone’s relaxation technique varies.

Ladies of Reddit, what is your favorite “me time” activity?
byu/shamrocksynesthesia inAskWomen

Here are what some of the ladies on the Reddit board r/AskWomen do when they get the chance to chill!

1. Mango Margarita Time

I’m a 61 year old woman.

I love fixing me a ginormous mango margarita, run a steamy hot bubble bath, hit my thc vape a few times and spend the next hour giggling about how absurd the word veterinarian sounds.

– ivegotmysuspicions

2. Reading

usually I try to get through a few books a month.

I also like to put my time into learning new things. Usually always have a language on the go, but I decided to start a random photography degree a few months ago too. That ones pushing me further than I thought it would, but the challenge is appreciated.

– [deleted user]

3. Spooky Walks

I feel like I’m a bit morbid; but hear me out. Going to the cemetery.

It’s quiet, lots of trees and we’ll kept lawn. Nobody judges you or bothers you.

I obviously had a very traumatic childhood lol. But even now I will drive to the cemetery I prefer (some are nicer than others) and get out and wonder around listening to my music, smoking reefer, and just being in the moment.

There’s something about being surrounded by people who’s stories have already ended, that makes one consider the importance of living a full life.

– Defiantly_Resilient

4. Comfort TV

If I’m feeling like sitting, then it’s rewatching seasons 1-2 of Gossip Girl, season 1 of Pretty Little Liars, or any season of S** and the City while also surfing the web or my phone.

– [user deleted]

5. Playing Sims

3 hours can go by and I’m in flow state learning about new ways to build homes. I love it.

I won’t download expansions because the pricing is outrageous but I have the base game and I’ll build houses forever.

I may need to make multiple save files though because I filled up all 3 neighborhoods 🙂

– peanut-butter-kitten

6. The Deep Clean

I really love putting on my favorite podcast, lighting some candles & incense, and doing a deep clean of the house. Spending time on my artistic craft and going to the gym are great for mental clarity & me time, but they are things I feel like I need to do to be my best self, and even though I love those things, sometimes I don’t love doing them.

There is something about saying “f**k you” to all the other s**t I should be doing and just scrubbing the h**l out of everything.

– pm_me_wutang_memes

7. J’s Anatomy

Watching Greys Anatomy for the 83rd time since March and talkin loud s**t to the tv and smoking a J inside with the window open even though the agreement was going outside to smoke Js and Bs

– AffectionateAnarchy

8. The Triumvirate

I have three hobbies. Gaming, reading, and cross stitching. They all require daylight hours (except ebook reading but I’m usually too tired at night to read long in bed) so I have to pick between the three when I have me time.

I’ve got a cross stitch right now that I’m only working on during my D&D sessions on Mondays (or if I got to D&D on any other night). It’s coming along fairly nicely. 🙂

I usually game with my bestie in Texas on Mondays. We VC and have been playing the same game separately (because it’s a 1 person game), together. I do game other times when I’m in the mood.

I don’t get to read nearly as much as I’d like. I need it to be very quiet when I read and my hubby and kiddo being home all the time kind of nixes that. I’m so far behind on my comic books it’s not even funny! lolol

– ShowMeYourHappyTrail

9. The Big Trip

I’m so bad at this – I almost never do anything for myself.

After leaving an abusive relationship with an alcoholic three months ago and feeling depressed about losing and abandoning him, I decided I needed a mental reset.

I booked a hotel and I’m going to the beach by myself next week. I haven’t been on a vacation in ten years. Time to take care of me!

– The_Mama_Llama

10. Doing My Makeup

Whether its followed by stepping out or not. Especially eye makeup.

I love going through that entire process especially with my fav music playing.

I don’t intend to take pictures of it or post it anywhere, just do it because I feel calm & enjoy it.

– FellowIncognita

11. Showering in Peace

Long hot shower with no one complaining that they need in the bathroom. Singing along with iTunes on shuffle while I shave my legs.

Then run around the house naked in all my silky smooth chubby glory. Eat cookies naked on the couch while I scroll on my phone.

In the words of the great Tommy Pickles, “Nakey is good. Nakey is free! Nakey is… NAKEY!!!”

– timidpenguinquacker

12. The Little Slice of Heaven

Tonight I went to a yoga class, went to Trader Joe’s and spent too much, now I’m drinking a glass of wine after taking a hot shower and washing my hair while I make my favorite comfort food and watch crappy tv.

I cleaned when I came home and lit a candle and my dogs are both laying in their beds. I am in heaven

– teramu

13. Netflix and Spill

Watching Netflix (either ncis/Hawaii five-o or new girl/Gilmore girls/friends depending on what I’m feeling) in my bed, under the covers at nighttime while eating chips and salsa followed by Trader Joe’s frozen mangos

– femeslove

14. Drunken FanFic

Reading fanfics in the dead of night while while drinking- The world is quiet and I can indulge in altered plots and the alcohol adds an extra surge of emotion with it.

– purpleketchup42

15. So Many Ways…

God there are so many ways I enjoy me time. And with a new baby and full time job, I get 0 of it these days.

So as a walk down memory lane… painting while listening to a gripping podcast and indulging in a giant glass of wine (or 3).

Getting all comf’d up in bed with naughty snacks and my fluffy poodle while bingeing a guilty pleasure show (bonus points if it’s raining).

Getting a mani pedi at a spot with maxed-out massage chairs while listening to soundscapes.

Taking blankets and pillows out to the hammock with a good book and crisp beer and soaking in flecks of sunshine (bonus points for accidental nap).

Packing up the poodle and going for a long silent hike.

Someday I shall relive these memories

– Lokalolo

Ain’t no time like a me time cause a me time’s all about me.

What do you do with your me time?

Tell us in the comments.